Wednesday 15 April

Discover Burnham and NP Krka


8:15 – Gather at the meeting place (TBD)

8:30 – 10:00 – Bus drive towards the archaeological site Burnum

10:00 – 10:30 – Sightseeing of the Roman Burnum. The site includes the remains of the only Roman military amphitheatre in Croatia, the arcades of the command building in the military camp, and several walls of the military drill area.

The archaeological artefactsfound here (weapons, tools, items of daily use) are on display at the Burnum Archaeological Collection in the centre of Puljane.

10:30 – 11:15 – Bus drive to Skradin. Embark on a boat towards the beautiful landscape of Krka National Park, a green oasis in the Dalmatian karst landscape.

11:15 – 11:35 – Panoramic boat cruise towards the magnificent Skradinski Buk, the loudest and best known waterfall in Croatia.

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11:35 – 13:45 – Skradinski buk is most famous for its long travertine system. It spreads over 800m in length, with an impressive width of 200 – 400m and it comprises a series of 17 steps. During an easy walk along a wooden trail you will see the great beauty of the Skradinski buk waterfalls and their untouched Mediterranean landscape. Besides the waterfalls, cascades, lakes and travertine barriers, the wooden trail of Skradinski buk takes you past a number of restored watermills. Some are still in use today. Others have been converted into souvenir shops or exhibition spaces, showing various ethnographic collections which illustrate the rich cultural and historical heritage of the area.

13:45 – 13:50 – Bus drive towards a nearby restaurant for lunch

13:50 – 15:20 – Delicious 3 course meal, with traditional dishes

15:20 – 17:00 – Bus drive to Split

PRICE (main tour): £60


15:20 – 15:35 – Bus drive to Šibenik, a historic town rich in cultural and historical monuments

15:35 – 17:35 – The walking tour of this attractive city provides an insight into its Mediterranean ambience. Its steep and narrow streets will take you to the most famous sites, such as the remarkable Cathedral of St. Jacob, St Francis Church, City Hall, Theatre, City park etc.

17:35 – 19:00 – Bus drive to Split

PRICE (in total for the main tour and Šibenik): £70


  • Bus transfer
  • Tour guide
  • Entrance tickets (Burnum, NP Krka)
  • Boat transfer
  • 3 course lunch with drinks (0,25l wine + 0,25l water + 0,25l juice)


  • Tips
  • Personal expenses
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